NKCL Bio-Blockchain #2

Working Under the Basic Architecture

Greetings everyone. Welcome to NKCLC 😊

Users of NKCLC will use tokens as a way of utilizing tokens on the public blockchain and NKCL brand tokens. Before the size of a transaction grows, the architecture is sufficient, but when NKCL token gains popularity, its own transaction speed moves on the Ethereum Mainnet. Therefore, the speed is determined not only by the amount of NKCL token transactions but also by the total amount of transactions.
Later on, NKCL Bio-Blockchain may have to move its public blockchain into its own network. In such a case, the Mainnet should be considered separately so that only the first blockchain, the Ethereum blockchain, can be replaced. In the future, however, the same amount of tokens can be issued in the newly created Mainnet and exchanged 1: 1. This process can be done automatically through the Smart Gateway

Links to Refer
🌐 Official Website: http://nkclc.com/
📨 Telegram: https://t.me/nkclc
📣 Twitter: https://twitter.com/nkclcofficial
📊 Xangle: https://xangle.io/project/NKCLC/key-info
📱 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsWJKXXmny-PlUtvRz6Qb_w



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NKCL Classic

NKCL Bio Group is specialized in anti-cancer immunotherapy with its optimized NK Cell cultivation system, payable by ethereum based NKCL Classic coin.